While it is always fulfilling to create your own habitats for your pets, there are kits that bring together the necessary components for your convenience.

Photos by Jeffrey C. Lim
Text by Lendl Lin

Best for those of us who are too busy to source the components one by one, this setup was created from a single kit by ZooMed, which contained a 10 gallon (long) terrarium, sized 20” x 10” x 12” (51 x 25 x 30 cm) with a sliding screen top that could be kept in place with a simple latch which was nonetheless difficult for the animal inside to break or remove.

The kit’s contents include:

* A brick of Eco Earth substrate, a medium

* A medium package of Terrarium Moss

* Small food and water dishes

* A medium Habba Hut

* A dual analog thermometer and humidity gauge

* A small Natural Bush plastic plant

Also in the kit were:

* A small bottle of Wipe Out 1 for cleaning terrarium glass and tools

* A sachet of Reptivite with D3 to supplement your pet’s diet

* A small bottle of Reptisafe water conditioner


Happy Pacman frog is happy!





































This appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2015 issue.