Charlene Bobis’
editorship of Animal Scene is the fulfillment of a childhood dream to helm an animal-oriented magazine, and caps off a career which includes the pioneering editorships of the first New York Times International Weekly Philippine edition and the Classifieds editorial section of the Manila Bulletin, serving as the director for content and creatives of one of the Philippines’ leading marketing firms, and as assistant professor at UP Diliman.



Jeff Lim is Animal Scene’s Managing Editor. Having cared for a myriad of animals since he was a child, Jeff is the resident animal scene expert, with ties to all major animal fields. His experience has helped shape not only editorial content, but also helps provide its experts with the additional perspective they need when discussing a particular animal.





Yvette Tan is’s Online Editor. She likes to eat, travel, and listen to stories about the strange and supernatural. She is passionate about conserving wildlife and the environment. She loves hamsters and has one cat.






Jhoanna Mae Lardizabal is’s Editorial Assistant. She’s an animal lover and thinks it’s really natural to love an animal.