We all love our pets, but sometimes, they can be really naughty and mischievous.

“We all love seeing dog pictures and videos on the internet, especially ones that show off their unique characters but we must remember that most behavior problems can often be a sign of something else, such as separation anxiety, fear, or simply being unsure of how to deal with a situation,” Bill Lambert, head of Health and Welfare at the Kennel Club, told Bored Panda in an interview.

“We are also not sure that dogs actually feel ‘shame’ or embarrassment in the same way that we do. The way that a dog acts will often reflect the tone of voice that’s being used to talk to it and it’s highly unlikely that it will associate past behaviors with what is happening right now. It’s very easy for us humans to misinterpret a dog’s emotions and behaviors,” he added.

Here are some hilarious examples of pet owners teaching their misbehaving pets a lesson.

Photo: hugoandursula
Photo: codylab
Photo: gsdzelda
Photo: plant_doctor
Photo: idahocowgirl5
Photo: Shibaru-in-a-Subaru
Photo Aspyr99
Photo: norwegianpuddycat
Photo: ellieconclavi

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