After the noise last New Year’s Eve, let’s look back to year 2016 to how pets can now heave a sign of relief.

They can calm down, leave their comfort zone, continue playing and loving their masters.

Barangay leaders, however, have to roll up their sleeves and start rounding up stray dogs, cats, and other pets endangering the neighborhood.

City pound teams can do the job of cleaning the communities.

Veterinarians can step up the anti-rabies campaign to safeguard the children and the elderly.

But the real job is on the shoulders of pet owners, handlers, and pet welfare groups.

Animal cruelty abounds. Down South, a man was arrested by police for beating up a helpless, hungry dog.

This is only one case of inhumanity.

But the love of people for their pets can be seen in typhoon hit areas. Many pets were saved from storm surges, floods and other calamities.

Thus, 2016 bodes well for pets and humans. The New Year is a challenge for human kindness to pets, the lovely creatures.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s April 2016 issue.