After the joy and excitement of Christmas and the noise of New Year’s Eve– it is time to renew our commitment to love and care for our beloved pets.

To the individual pet owner, check whether your pet’s anti-rabies shots and other vaccinations are up-to-date, look after its bathing schedule, trimming, and food-water intake.

someone receives a gift – a cute, little doggie, hairy cat, or an elusive mouse, a visit to the veterinarian or better still, the pet beauty salon – is a welcome treat.

To local authorities – the barangay chairman, city or town mayor, and the local stray pet catcher or pound staff member, there should be a regular patrol to collect stray dogs or cats should be stepped up to avoid accidents. If necessary, the registration of pets in the community may be conducted.

The census is part of discipline and human control of our beloved creatures.

To the non-government groups and animal welfare organizations, 2017 promises a good start for the tender love and care, leading to the discipline and proper education of pet owner who should keep an eye on their beloved member or members of the family.


This story appeared in Animal Scene’s January 2017 issue.