As the dry days of summer come in March, animal and pet welfare groups have been alerted by the authorities against the rise in animal cruelty in trafficking by heartless individuals and syndicates.

At the end of the day, pets should be given extra care in the form of regular bathing or hair-trimming to help them beat the summer heat.

A recent controversial movie served as a wake-up call to treat animals, especially pets, kindly.Animal slaughter for no reason may not be justified, even considering certain native customs and traditions.

Pets, considered “extra” members of the family, are loved and get quality care.

Dogs, specifically pets, must get regular anti-rabies shots for the safety of pedestrians and local residents.

The smuggling of dogs from some places in Luzon for restaurants in the north is against the Animal Welfare law.

Cruelty of animals is more of a crime committed by hot-headed individuals.Thus, animal welfare groups, backed by the law, actively shout, “Be kind to animals.”

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s January 2017 issue.