Who can resist a Siberian husky? They might look fierce and standoffish— but they are also very good-looking. And when you see them as puppies, you might forget that they look a lot like wolves: just look at those short legs, undersized tails, and small paws!

No wonder Eric Eusebio and Micca de Vera took such a liking to the Siberian husky puppy in their lives: Chevy. Even as a newborn, she was active, noisy, and happy, always eager to explore every nook and cranny of the world that she found herself in.

While Chevy might have felt more at home in the snow, she has easily adapted to life in the tropical humidity and temperatures of the Philippines, and loves to literally kick up her heels and play in the grass. According to Eric, that’s where you’ll normally find their happy puppy: running in the garden with the rest of their animal companions.

Like other Siberian Huskies, Chevy has a coat that is not only dense and thick but is also double-layered. That coat acts as insulation in sub-zero temperatures, but might cause heat stroke in tropical climates. To keep herself cool, Chevy has developed a love for water. Eric says that as soon as Chevy’s done with playtime, she jumps straight into her water bowl and gulps up huge mouthfuls.

This was the inspiration behind photograph of Chevy that earned her a place in a recent edition of My Pet’s Life, as she seems to shake off large amounts of water, with a large spray of pretty droplets surrounding her in a glittering cloud.

Micca has always been interested in photography and has never been able to resist the cuteness of her and Eric’s animal companions. In this case, her keen eye was drawn to Chevy’s love of water, and the way her fur seemed to stand out in tufts after getting wet.

As cute a subject as Chevy might have made for the camera, it occurred to Eric and Micca that a little enhancement would be a good idea, so they turned to their friend Erich Caparas and his graphic design skills. A little Photoshop, a few filters, and a little patience was all it took to produce a memorable image!

According to Eric and Micca, patience is a vital key to success when it comes to pet photography. After all, they say, animals in general and pets in particular never seem to stay in one place or in one pose all the time. They move according to their instincts.

Most of the time they might act as though they’re completely independent of our desires or our commands. Some people might even complain that they seem to be moving out of the shot just as they’re getting ready to click the shutter!

To budding pet photographers, they suggest thinking of ideas and concepts even before getting started on the photoshoot, as the pets might get bored quickly and want to do something other than pose.

Flexibility is also important: if the pets move from place to place or pose to pose, then just keep shooting. Some pets might be coaxed into holding a pose, and others can’t.

Take lots of photos and try to capture the pet’s best expressions and most striking features. Some editing in a graphics program might be needed, but Eric and Micca say that it’s not a necessity.

Like many other loving pet owners, Eric and Micca see their dogs— including the cute and photogenic Chevy—as an important part of their lives, and say that if you treat your own companion animals with love and respect, you’ll reap the rewards of their loyalty. They might even become willing to pose for a photo or two!

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s February 2017 issue