Recently held at Starmall EDSA Shaw, the second edition of JuanLove Pets (2016) was open to all Pinoy pet enthusiasts. The event celebrated giving love to pets and the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The JuanLove team with event participants.

Visitors enjoyed a free anti-rabies vaccination activity, sponsored by the Rodeo Club Philippines – Araneta Chapter. Young visitors enjoyed the Japanese-inspired goldfish scooping booth by Philippine Goldfish Enthusiast (PAGE).

Among the clubs which put up exhibits were Guppy Club Philippines and Aquarista – ABA Bulacan, which showed their betta and guppy breeds. The Philippine Hamster Owners Society (PHOS) hosted a popular hamster race, always a favorite with crowds wherever it is held. The event’s grand finale was the Pet Fashionista – Dog and Cat Edition, which wowed spectators with the chic outfits of pets and their owners, inspired by a Pinoy theme, who all paraded for the crowd.

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This story appeared in Animal Scene’s January 2017 issue.