It’s no surprise our animal friends are the subject of various beliefs across the world. Here are some of the good luck beliefs associated with them.

JAPAN: Spiders seen in the morning are lucky.

FRANCE: Seeing spiders in the evening is also good luck!

UK: Attract luck by starting the first day of the month by repeating the phrase “white rabbits.”

RUSSIA: Don’t sweat it if bird poop lands on you―it’s lucky, especially if more than one bird does it! The Lithuanians believe this too, although the Thais think this is bad luck.

NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN: If you catch a cricket in your house, whisper a wish to it then set it free to make your wish come true.

PHILIPPINES: Did a snake cross your path as you were walking in the countryside? That’s lucky!

KOREA: Pigs symbolize wealth, so dreaming of pigs means it’s time to buy a lottery ticket or expect great luck.

CHINA: The sight of bats is a good omen as they represent a long life and happiness. (The Polish believe this too!)

THAILAND: Do you feed stray animals or give them shelter on rainy days? That’s a very good way to attract luck.

GERMANY: Rejoice if a stork builds a nest in your roof or chimney, because this means you will have a long, prosperous life.

SPAIN: The sound of crickets should be music to the ears of anyone looking for good luck.

NETHERLANDS: If you see a pair of storks or swallows near your home, you have good friends and will enjoy good luck.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s April 2015 issue