The first ever grand meet-up of every flowerhorn enthusiast, hobbyists and breeders in Ortigas, Pasig. 

The recent First Grand Eyeball Event for flowerhorn enthusiasts took place at the Ang Pulo Bar and Grill inside Auto Camp Ortigas Pasig. Presided over by the Manuel Oliver “Wakz” Firmalino, president of Aquamania, over a hundred hobbyists came to meet up, share information about the fish and the hobby. Of particular significance was the release of the Philippine Flowerhorn Standard, which has now been made public; it was authored by veteran flowerhorn enthusiasts and it is hoped that it will help professionalize the hobby and standardize the local breed.

Multiple show winner Ryan Gaw gave a talk on the history and origin of the hybrid fish, while Bob two Vaifh, a veteran breeder, discussed basic flowerhorn diseases and remedies. Leading flowerhorn hobbyist Van Ramirez discussed the proper packing and transporting of the fish.

Participants enjoyed a generous raffle and got to meet the leaders in flowerhorn breeding and grooming. Also, well-known competition winners shared their experiences in fish shows. Among those they met were the current president of the Philippine Arowana and LouHan Society, Marge Hermoso.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s May 2016 issue.