How colors play a vital role in the animal world and how it helps the animals to get appreciated. 

Fish-keepers know that color is a critical component of how a fish is appreciated and valued. Color, after all, plays many roles among animals, from warning off predators to serving as camouflage to signaling readiness to mate.

Among fish, color is greatly influenced by a good diet. There is no “one diet fits all” super food for fish; across breeds, they have different nutritional needs.

One company, Canadian Aquatic Feed, works to create simple yet diverse and scientifically sound formulas to suit the needs and nutritional requirements of fish. Beyond enriching color, these formulas take into account their unique needs so that fish’s well-being is enhanced.

Research and development have resulted in the creation of the “NorthFin” premium fish food line, which take into account whether the fish to feed on them are herbivores or carnivores, and feature main ingredients in a proper formulation to maximize healthy growth developments, particularly the enhancement of the full color spectrum of a fish.

In addition, each batch of all-marine ingredient-based fish food pellets are never overproduced to ensure freshness and high quality of the filler, artificial pigment, byproducts, and artificial hormone-free pellets. The key ingredients one can be assured go into each batch (which is then mixed with the other ingredients required by specific breeds) include whole Atlantic krill, rich in protein and amino acids, and a natural source of carotenoids. These are responsible for the best color development. Krill also contains Astaxanthin, which is particularly beneficial for red fish breeds.

“NorthFin” also features spirulina, a natural blue-green algae rich in raw protein, minerals, and vitamins that bolster fish’s immune systems and encourage their overall good health. It also helps enhance green and blue colored fish, and contains beta-carotene, which helps improve the color of orange fish.

Omega-3 (DHA-certified) herring meal is the highest grade of its kind, and promotes good health and overall development. Each “NorthFin” pellet contains this, along with organic kelp from marine seaweed that supplies about 60 minerals, 21 amino acids, and 12 vitamins to boost the immune system and promote well-being. And for clean and healthy digestive systems, each pellet contains Calcium Montmorillonite clay, which features iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silica, and micro nutrients.

Fish feeding upon “NorthFin” pellets can be assured of natural nutrition, better digestion, and superior absorption of nutrients sans the many hazards and side effects that are associated with cheaper food that use fillers, non-marine ingredients, artificial hormones and pigments, and byproducts. Even better, the amount of waste generated is reduced as a result, which helps keep fish healthy and energetic in their aquarium habitats.

Put science to work for your cichlid, arowana, goldfish, koi, betta, and even your turtles with leading Canadian premium quality fish food.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2016 issue.