This yuletide season why not take time to read this to make you feel a pet hero’s love!

With the Christmas fever all over the Metro and the world, a dog recently saved a kid from a wayward car up north. The dog ran to the kid and pushed him from the busy road.

The crowd roared in applause for the dog hero. It was its protective instinct — to sense danger and save a human life.

This short anecdote augurs well this Yultide season.

But pet givers, take heed: not all recipients of pets are responsible enough to take care of those lovely creatures.

Better still, take the world of pet shop owners and veterinarians — learn responsible pet owning first with tender love and care.

Pets are not lifeless toys. They have sensitive hearts — not rational but unconditional love is what they offer — a small gift, but meaningful and “Christmassy”.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s January 2016 issue.