It’s now the chance to look back what are the lucky pets in the year of Fire Monkey!

This year, 2016, is the Year of the Fire Monkey! Since all of us want good luck, wealth, prosperity and long life (who wouldn’t, right?), we’ve gathered some animal related tips for luck in those areas of your life according to some feng shui experts from Singapore. What are the lucky pets to have this year? What are the lucky colors for them, and are there “good luck” positions for their habitats or for the number of fish kept in a tank?

The Chinese New Year begins on February 8, 2016. Fire is the year’s dominant element and its opposing force is water. People born under the sign of the Monkey who believe in the Chinese zodiac will tend to be extravagant and generous because they will want to chase the bad chi—that comes from offending the Grand Tai Suey of the year—away.

FISH FOR LUCK! – The lucky fish for this year is not just the Arowana—it now includes anything that is platinum or golden in color, for the lucky colors in the Year of the Fire Monkey are white, gold, and blue. Red creatures are still mildly lucky since the blue in the water tends to neutralize the potential negative effect of the color. Ponds and fountains are not so advisable this year because they diminish fire, although adding a little water can help calm the negative energy.

This year of the Fire Monkey, platinum (which can be represented by white) and gold are the perfect wealth enhancers for people with good taste. It is a perfect gift to give to those who are opening businesses or beginning business dealings. Why platinum and gold? These metal’s colors have always been the epitome of wealth. While the Year of the Monkey is a year of wealth, it is also a year of extravagance, so it’s a good idea to seek balance between the two. lets take note of this.

One of the best lucky pets (as they are believed to represent this balance) is the Arowana. Known among the Chinese as the “golden dragon” or “living dragon,” it is said to be the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. It is so expensive because of its similarity to how dragons are portrayed in classic Chinese art: it has beautiful metallic scales that reflect the colors of the rainbow, and boasts two “whiskers” on its face. It is a significant symbol of prosperity, because the word for ‘fish’ in Chinese is ‘yu’, which also means wealth.

The Arowana is an amazing creature. It has adapted to humankind, as it is able to interpret our language, stay focused on tasks, and display a high level of intelligence. One of the most prominent abilities attributed to the Arowana is being able to see bad events in the future, detecting the aura of negative energy to come. If it suddenly begins to attack the walls of its glass aquarium, this behavior is believed to be a sign of terrible events to come. In the worst cases, it will spring out of the water and commit ‘suicide’, an act seen to be its way of sacrificing its life to counter negative energy for its owner.

Among water-dwelling creatures, the Arowana is considered to be a very influential icon. It is believed to bring all kinds of blessings to your home and your family, including increased income (the reason for its title of the “wealth fish” by affluent businesspersons and tycoons), the prevention of accidents and harm to its owner, the provision of protection against disasters and guardianship, as well as an enhancement of surrounding chi flow.

According to Fong Ching Loon, chairman of Singapore Aquarium Fish Association, (SAFEA), the Arowana is a highly revered good luck symbol in feng shui. One can take advantage of the many good things it is said to bring when placed in a number of ways around your home. Here are some Feng Shui tips for its placement in the Year of the Fire Monkey.

1. If you wish to enhance the blessings you will receive and attract wealth luck for all family members, display your platinum or golden fish in prominent locations around your home, such as the main hall, living room, dining room, or bedroom.

2. If you already have waterfalls, aquariums, or ponds placed around your home, so long as these have been placed according to feng shui guidelines, you can display your lucky fish beside or inside these water elements to attract a torrent of wealth luck.

3. Careful placement of lucky fish in your home or office is ideal for influencing people such as managers and bosses, as well as employees, as these can represent personal development and optimize moneymaking opportunities. In addition to this, the fish of your choice is said to bring out your best characteristics and will allow you to keep your game sharp so that you can conquer your competition.

4. The North sector is the creator of career luck. Placing your good luck pet in this sector of your living room, dining room, or office is believed to positively influence luck and optimize career opportunities.

5. To improve your income and wealth luck, place your Lucky Fish at an angle diagonal to the main entrance of your home or office, or in the Southeast corner of the cash register counter or the reception desk of an office.

Hope these tips help you in the year of the Fire Monkey! (With editing by CFB)

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s January 2016 issue.