Let us know why community cleanup is essential not only for the people in the community but for the animals too!

Under the new administration, barangay and other local leaders are stepping up a community clean-up drive against stray pets, minors— trash and drugs.

For one, in Metro Manila, Marikina City under new local leaders have inspired community leaders and responsible elders to crack down on wandering pets, children and irresponsible citizens who dispose of their garbage improperly.

Stray dogs, cats, and other pets endanger pedestrians and motorists, police said.

As if these are not enough, stray pets are carriers of rabies. Hence, there is need for a massive anti-rabies vaccination drive, especially for playful kids this school season.

These may be little things of small concern. But victims of rabies are multiplying.

It’s time to wake up and be community hygiene- and safety-conscious. In a nutshell, prevention is better than cure, the old folk stress.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s August 2016 issue.