This yuletide season, get to know a new found technology fur-pect for your pet dogs!

As Christmas carols float in the air, stray dogs play in streets, alleys, and plazas in Metro Manila.

The Makati government has decided to implant microchips in the pet dogs of residents, especially of villages and subdivisions.

The city government, led by Mayor Abby Binay, said it wanted to be rabies-free. She stressed that the microchips will be implanted upon registration with the local veterinarian. The microchips are designed to monitor the movements of “askals” or stray dogs and “naughty” pet dogs of some irresponsible pet owners who let loose their dogs without any pet ID tag.

The microchip is read by a scanner passed over the creature’s shoulder.

The device will enable Makati veterinarians and pound authorities to identify pet owners who let their dogs roam at night, endangering kids and pedestrians because they have not had their anti-rabies shots and polluting the streets with waste, leading to health risks.

And to boost its anti-rabies efforts, Makati is also looking into reported killings of cats.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s November 2016 issue.