The love, care and affection you can definitely see and feel between pets and humans. 

Amid the rainy season, pets have been sensitive to the weather and human crises. Pet lovers, take heed: pets give unconditional love to their masters, families, and friends.

As their masters walk them in parks and other public places, pets dressed in their Sunday best give thrill to the public–certainly, they are a source of stress relief.

Dogs in particulars are trained to sniff drugs, explosives, and other dangerous materials.

But the best known deed of pets is rescuing their masters or their kids from floods, violence, and other dangerous situations.

But as stewards of Creation, the masters of pets should take care of their health–say, anti-rabies shots for dogs, cats, and other pets.

Masters should give their pets proper shelter from the weather, violence, and heartless thieves who snatch pets from houses, cages, and front yards then put them up for sale in some restaurants for appetizers and meals.

This then is the harmony between pets and humans for the best of friends.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s August 2017 issue.