In line with the “Ber” Season, why not take time to know why it’s the season for loving and caring. 

As the “ber” cold sets in, pet owners and lovers are quick to give their beloved creatures warm Christmas treats — nice clothes, tasty yummies, a timely bath, and a walk at the park.

Barangay leaders have the mandate to take care of their constituents — patrolling the streets against hoodlums, stray pets, scavenger pets, and checking if pets are up-to-date on vaccine shots against rabies and other viruses.

Gift givers are warned against giving pets as gifts to their loved ones without first teaching recipients how to take good care of them.

Pet cat and dog shows are being organized to entertain adults and kids.

But undesirable pet owners might break the law by selling their pets’ flesh as exotic food items.

This is where police and the authorities can come in to set up checkpoints, especially in the provinces, and find out what their boxes contain — dead meat, rotten flesh, illegal pets, sick animals, and other “yuckies.”

At the end of the day, community responsibility is a must so that everybody, every pet is happy this season.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s October 2017 issue.