Metro Manila pet owners and handlers, beware this Christmas. 

“Dognappers” are on the prowl. Although police are alert, young and old pet-lovers in the metropolis and the provinces have lost many of their beloved dogs, cats, and other pets who end up as dishes or appetizers in gatherings.

Barangay leaders and concerned citizens have mobilized into community patrols to ensure that this Christmas, pets also enjoy relative peace and safety.

Scores of dogs were seized recently at a police checkpoint in Laguna and were saved from slaughter.

To ensure the safety of pets and neighborhoods, one meaningful gift this Christmas is a much-needed anti-rabies shot or series of shots.

In other news, dogs are specially trained somewhere in Quezon City for illegal drug-sniffing, and to perform search and rescue functions during disasters. Loving and caring for pets are good deeds this season.

For after all, all’s well that ends well in 2017.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s October 2017 issue.