The first dog show held at Vista Mall Taguig last October saw an unprecedented 72 entries and 30 supporting kennels.

With the objective of uniting Pit Bull and American Bully enthusiasts and for participants to showcase their beautiful Pit Bull and Bully dogs, The Pioneers was also the organizers’ way of giving thanks to the Pit Bull and American Bully community of the Philippines.

The event was also held to raise awareness of the breed and to dispel misconceptions about and the stigma from the idea that the breeds are dangerous and aggressive. It was aimed at showing that Pit Bulls and the American Bully breeds make good companions and can be showstoppers.

Among the many attendees were Philippine basketball star Alvin Patrimonio; support also came from celebrities like Jinri Park of Wagtales, who sent an exclusive video message.

Taking the Best Kennel of the Show award was Filipino Bullies Inc. (FBI), and the show’s overall champion was ADCB La China, also of FBI. She did really well in the show ring, showing off her skills at gating and stack off.

“The Pioneers” was the organizers’ first dog show, sanctioned by Remy Kennel Club Philippines, an international club that holds Pit Bull and American Bully shows all over the world. The name “Stupid’s Kennel” came from the movie “The Little Rascals,” and it was organized and established in June 1995 by Ron Calvert V. Esguerra and Anthony Caldito, starting with performance line (weight pulling dog) and show type pitbulls. Then they started competing in pitbull confirmation dog shows in the early 2000s, and in 2008, they took on the challenge of promoting the American Bully breed.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2017 issue.