As the green leaves of summer fade and the rains trickle in June, pets do have a priority in tender care and love.

Pet owners are urged by veterinarians to shield their beloved pets in houses and from the outside.

Grooming is another step in the night direction. Many pet beauty shops and care centers are booming in many subdivisions and malls in Metro Manila.

But the pet’s health should be top priority. Anti-rabies shots at various vet clinics and animal bite centers are a must.

In down Mindanao, a young boy was bitten by at least five stray dogs that had been hit by stones thrown by the victim’s naughty companions. The local government formed a hunting team to put the five stray dogs away.

This could have been avoided had the local officials been rabies-conscious.

The victim fortunately survived with the help of veterinarians and doctors.

And more than ever, pets also have to drink water to avoid dehydration and eminent weakness and death. It is indeed a world of game and survival.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s July 2016 issue.