The first ever Kadawayan Fish Show Festival was recently held at the Felcris Centrale mall in Davao City.

Participants came from across the country: Manila, Visayas, General Santos City, and Zamboanga. The event was hosted by the Davao Aquarist Society, Davao Guppy Club, Davao Aquascapers, and Betta Enthusiasts of the Philippines Davao Chapter. There were over 400 entries in the flowerhorn, guppy, and betta categories, plus some impressive planted tank displays.

Members of the Davao Aquarist Society, Betta Enthusiasts of the Philippines (BEP) Davao Chapter, and the Davao Guppy Club

A raffle took place on the last day of the show. Among the event highlights
were a free seminar by Seachem and Davao Aquarists, with over 50 attendees
eagerly learning about the latest in filtration and fishes.

Manila-based judges came for Judging Day and gave the Best in Show
award for the flowerhorn event to Cebu. (With reporting by Marge Hermoso)

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s October 2017 issue.