Run Fur Life, which is on its second edition, the Hydro edition, in 2017, is a fundraising run for the maltreated, abandoned, and homeless dogs of the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF). The event was organized to provide for the needs of the shelter animals, raise awareness of animal cruelty, and increase knowledge among owners and keepers about responsible pet ownership and their animals’ welfare.

Recently held at Centris in Quezon City, the gun start at 6:30 AM was a
progressive one, with the following start order: 1K solo, 1K duo, 3K solo, and 3K duo. There was also a talk on ending the dog meat trade.

A policeman-dog duo—four-year old Dachshund Civic, and his 34 year-old owner, Police Offcer (PO) 3 General McJerrus Bautista Lansangan of the Pampanga Police Provincial Offce (PPPO) won the 1K duo leg; they also took the same prize previously.

Event organizers The Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), based in Tarlac, is a non-governmental organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It has earmarked proceeds to continue its rescue and rehabilitation efforts for hundreds of dogs they have rescued that were caught up in the dog meat trade and those who suffer abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Some have been happily rehomed, while others remain at the rescue center. The AKF works to end the dog meat trade, reduce the numbers of stray dogs in the country, and stop animal cruelty.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2017 issue.