Given that the number of exotic keepers is growing in the country, alongside a burgeoning interest in exotics among pet lovers and the general public, the success of the 2017 edition of Reptile X comes as no surprise.

Like its 2016 predecessor, it featured reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, bringing together the curious, those who wanted to learn more about various exotic animals, breeders, and committed exotic
animal keepers.

Reptile X Family.

Reptile X continues to advocate helping all exotic hobbyists learn how to properly and responsibly keep exotic pets through proper sharing of knowledge and information. This in turn encourages
exotic pet keepers to work towards legitimizing exotic animal keeping and removing the stigma associated with the trade by helping keepers understand the importance of having their animals documented by the proper authorities and government agencies.

The term “Reptile X” is also an umbrella name for the various exotic animal groups gathered under it. This group also campaigns for the legal and responsible ownership and trade of exotic animals in the country. The event and the group work to encourage the captive breeding of animals for people who want to keep different kinds of exotic animals, with the end goal of conservation of various species. Reptile X hopes to encourage responsible captive breeding among hobbyists, under conditions that are optimal for the animals, and to help clear up the many misconceptions about exotic animal keeping.


The 2017 edition of Reptile X at the World Trade Center saw more participants, with Majestic Wings, Kinder Zoo, Bling Reptiles Farm (BRF), Leopard Gecko Junkies, Philippine Rabbit Racings and Fanciers Inc. (PRRF), Pet Ants Manila, Bodega Flowerhorn, Betta Enthusiast Philippines (BEP), Ball Phytons
Asia, Nueva Ecija Exotics Club (NEEC), Guinea Pig Lovers (GPL), Dragon’s Den Philippines, and Primo Pets Enclosures joining the stellar lineup of returning participants from previous editions.

These participants include Congo Charlie, ZooMed Philippines, Boa Keepers Philippines, Majestic Balls, PC
Exotics, Southside Exotics, Exotic Feeders Philippines, Percel Pets Zone, Hans Pet Haus, Molino Exotics, Digi Pets, Filipino Turtle Lovers (FTL), and Giezcrylics and MYT’S.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s March 2017 issue.