1. Is your pet sociable? Adrian’s champion Coco easily gets along with humans and patiently tolerates handling, both by judges and models—even kids! (Just stay on hand to avoid untoward incidents like rough handling or dropping your pet.)

2. Can your pet walk down a stage with minimal guidance? You can’t drag your pet down the stage! They should be comfortable enough to go down any stage on their own in their costumes. Adrian takes care to design comfortable costumes; also, “She was trained to walk with or without [a] leash, which is one of the requirements in most pet fashion shows, especially in Baguio City. Don’t expect to win if your dog cannot walk wearing outfits.”

3. On this note, can your pet stop to pose for photos without being cued to do so?

4. Does your pet have an extra talent aside from looking cute? Can he or she dance or “sing” or catch balls or “tap dance” or do something else to make him or her memorable to the judges?

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2017 issue.