Goldfish Mania 2015, a national goldfish competition, was recently held at Z Square Mall, Banawe, Quezon City, with the aim of promoting goldfish keeping among the general public, to teach them more about the standards of the hobby, and about how to select good quality fish.

Enthusiasts and the curious alike found the opportunity to have fun while immersing themselves in the world of goldfish keeping. A total of 38 entries spread across 7 categories joined the show.

Show organizers Bruce Kenneth Tan, Harry Lim, Sigmund Munoz, Paul Luap, Galvin Garma, and Jeffrey Villegas.

Judges for Goldfish Mania 2015 were Bruce Kenneth Tan, Michael Go, Phillip Kaw (Neuva Pet Center), and Derrick Gaw (Tropiquarium).

The event was organized by the Philippine Association Of Goldfish Enthusiasts (PAGE), a non-profit organization and fish club composed of fish hobbyists with a distinct interest in keeping goldfish. It is also concerned with goldfish husbandry and maintaining proper standards to achieve selective quality for hobbyists and breeders in the country.

“I can say that the Goldfish Mania 2015 is another milestone for PAGE. It was successful and fun as it has always been supported by the group, its members, and those who believe in goldfish keeping. This would not be possible without the unending support from our sponsors (Pet City, Nueva Pet Center, Tropiquarium, and Sakura) and to our mentor who is always there to guide us, Mr. Danny Tio,” shares co-founder Harry Lim.

Ryukin- Junior Division Champion owner : Jeffrey Villegas

PAGE was founded by Lim, Paul Bautista, Galvin Garma, Lucky Chan, Jehu Maderazo, and Patrick Garces, and Goldfish Mania 2015 is the second fish show PAGE has conducted.

Those interested in learning more about goldfish keeping can join PAGE by searching for the “Philippine Association of Goldfish Enthusiasts” on Facebook. (Additional reporting and photographs by Bruce Kenneth Tan.)

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s March 2015 issue.