Nico Bolzico, agripreneur and husband to Solenn Heussaff, loves to post about Patato, his Redfoot tortoise on Instagram. His funny and witty posts are proof how proud he of Patato, who, at this point, really is the size of a potato. As an (species) tortoise, Patato has a lot of growing to do, as his species can reach up to a foot long.

If you’re not following Nico on social media, you’re missing how Patato takes the spotlight all the time. Here are the eight best posts of Nico being a proud father to his not-so-shell-shy friend.

TECHIE TURTY – Isn’t a turtle browsing the internet one of the the cutest creatures you’ve seen in your life? Just don’t look to closely at what Patato is looking at!


SHELL-IBRITY – Patato isn’t just a pretty face—he’s got a knack for promoting things with flair as well.


CREATURE TO TREASURE – Patato isn’t just there for the good times—he’s also become Nico’s great comforter and companion when the latter is down, which isn’t very often because how can you be sad when you’re married to Solenn?


WORK-OUT BUDDY – Patato believes that a “Healthy Turtle is a Happy Turtle,” so he makes sure to accompany his dad during work-outs.


SHELL-ABRATION – Patato loves Mommy Solenn, too! He celebrates her birthday with her even though Daddy Nico is out of town.


MELON BALLER – Can’t blame why Patato is looking so ready to fight. He’s truly at home and probably done savoring his water melon.


My saturday morning started in very unexpected way! #ElPatato has spoken! There is no room for me in this house anymore! Just want to remember some goodtimes we had together: 1- When we did a remix of tantarantantan using Rhiana song: "All the Single Ladies" 2- The day we suppose to eat pellets but we ended up high on apple. 3- Sunday marathon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the movies and cartoons! Miguel Angel stills our favorite! 4- That walk in the park that took us 48 minutes to walk 13 meters. 5- Taking our first "SHELLfie" It was a good run Patato! I ll always love you! #nothingtoSHELLebratetoday #patatoisaSHELLebritynow #overusingtheSHELLjoke #butitisprettySHELLarious #okstop #goingtofillmytankattheSHELLstation #ihadtodothelast #asusualhashtagsoutofcontrol #patatothebeast

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SLOWLY BUT SURELY – Even though dad spoils him with everything, Patato still chooses his Mommy Solenn over his Daddy Nico.

All posts are from the official Instagram account of Nico Bolzico.