If you’re in the fish hobby, chances are high that you’ve heard of the BiG Fish Place. Animal Scene columnist Manuel Yap also wrote about the lessons on pet shop business he learned from Dr. Glenn Angeles, founder of BiG Fish Place. At the recent grand opening of the Big Fish Place Jr. – Banawe branch, Dr. Glenn gave us some of his time to talk about his shop.

Animal Scene (AS): Can you tell us more about the concept behind The BiG Fish Place? What was the inspiration or reason for putting it up?

A: The BiG Fish Place-Madison was opened last 2011 with the concept of having a pet store that specialized only in fish. Our reason for putting it up is for hobbyists to be able to see and check our livestock and products comfortably. We want hobbyists to bring their families during their fish hunting (grins)…or something like that!

AS: Please share with us how you intend to serve the needs of local fish hobbyists.

A: To date, we have already opened The BiG Fish Place Jr. – Cartimar and The BiG Fish Place Jr. – Banawe to cater to a wider audience. We will continue to bring in quality fish products so hobbyists can have more choices of products to use as compared to what the local market has 5-8 years ago.

AS: Can you tell us more about the products and services The BiG Fish Place offers/will offer? What will The BiG Fish Place specialize in?A: We offer champion quality Arowanas, rare and exotic fish, and quality fish products (with brands like Aquarium Münster, JBL, SICCE, MagFloat, etc.). We also do customized tank setups for office and residential clients

AS: Where are your branches located? What can customers expect when they go to The BiG Fish Place?

A: Currently we have The BiG Fish Place in Madison, San Juan, The BiG Fish Place Jr. – Cartimar, and The BiG Fish Place Jr. – Banawe. Customers can expect a clean fish store with knowledgeable and caring staff members. We advise our clients to always give us feedback for us to be able to improve our services more.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s June 2016 issue.