The Magaul Bird Park at the JEST (Jungle Environment Survival Training) Camp got a facelift, and part of it was a new show for visitors starring, well, more birds.

Photos by Carlo S. Suerte Felipe

The ‘Wings of the World’ bird show is Magaul Bird Park’s newest offering and features half a thousand birds. Recently launched, the show tops the park’s original ‘Winged Wonder’ bird show, which only featured a hundred birds.

According to Lito Lacap, president of Magaul Bird Park, the shows being held at the park are staffed by an all-Filipino team of trainers and presentors.

“The show and the park as a whole campaigns for the conservation of nature. Also, we’re trying to focus more on birds to become the country’s true bird park,” he added. “Since we’ve been showing a hundred birds in the past, we thought of including more birds (in) the show.

It sounded like a crazy idea at first but (thanks to the efforts) of our trainers, (we) were able to make it (a reality),” said Katrina Lacap, general manager of Magaul Bird Park. The Wings of the World bird show is a 30-minute program that is held thrice a day during weekends and public holidays at the Alula Ampitheater.

Visitors can experience the thrill of seeing many different kinds of birds, from flightless birds to endemic ones to wild birds like raptors and large parrots. Aside from the show, other attractions of the Magaul Bird Park include a 30-foot high giant swing facing a cliff, a maze about birds, a walk-in aviary, and a life-size ‘Angry Birds’ game area.

Also, the birds participating in the show were bred in the park.

This first appeared in Animal Scene’s May 2015 issue.