While there is there is a growing interest in exotic pets, there are also many misconceptions about the various creatures classified as such. With the aim of educating the public about exotic pets and correcting these misconceptions, several groups of exotic pet hobbyists organized the recent Clash of Clans event in Valenzuela.

Among the animals featured were arachnids, tarantulas, and scorpions. Guests learned that several of these are native to the country, and are not always deadly, aggressive, or dangerous, and that in many cases, those which were venomous had it in amounts only deadly for their prey.

At the same time, they also learned that while scorpions can easily be acquired these days from around the world, caution must be exercised, as their venom can be deadly in some cases. The owners of these creatures stressed that responsible ownership is the key, and that children should not be allowed to access such pets until they are old enough to understand and respect the potential dangers these present to them.

Informative discussions to help newbies learn how to take care of their pets were also held. The Raptor Handlers of the Philippines discussed the different kinds of birds of prey endemic in the Philippines, taking participants through the animals’ life cycle and giving them an overview of their diets, habitats, and the accessories they need if they intend to care for one of these birds.

A question and answer session with the tarantula group followed their talk on basic tarantula keeping; covered in their discussion were the species recommended for beginners and their members’ experiences in taking care of their own tarantulas.

The event was also a venue for hobbyists to showcase their prized specimens; organizers had a friendly competition for scorpion and tarantulas as part of the program in order to demonstrate to guests that what mattered was one’s passion for one’s hobby and how well one could care for one’s pets.

Team Shootfighter and Team Southside (organizers)

Aware of the conflicts that sometimes arise between and among various hobbyist groups, the event’s organizers also aimed to unite hobbyists for various exotic animals from across the National Capital Region. Among those participating in the Clash of Clans were Boa Keepers Philippines, Hamster Club of the Philippines, PEHSI, Koi Village, Zoomed, Percells Pet Zone, Batangas tarantula keepers, Rizal Exotic Society, Nueva Ecija Keepers, FEC, and show tank sponsor Geizcrylics.

This appeared as “Clash of the Clans” in Animal Scene’s June 2015 issue.