Visitors enjoyed free admission, free fish giveaways, and free access to exclusive seminars on stingrays, filtration, tigers, and guppies. The purchase of a raffle ticket also gave them the chance to win a Super Red Arowana and a Crossback Arowana in the grand raffle during Aquafiesta.

The competitions at the Aquafiesta 2015 were for arowanas (with two categories: red and gold), flowerhorns (which drew participants from across the country, even as far away as General Santos City), planted tanks, betta, and guppies. There were also displays of stingrays, bichir, and tigers.

The champion Robin Red Arowana

From a small group of five persons meeting at a fish shop in Retiro, Manila, PAHLS has grown to be the biggest fish club in the Philippines, and is now a non-stock, non-profit organization whose aim is to promote the hobby of fishkeeping and to educate the public regarding proper and responsible fishkeeping.

Aquafiesta is one of its two major events.Find out more at or by searching for PALHS on Facebook.

This appeared as “Aqua Fiesta 2015”  in Animal Scene’s July 2015 issue.