A reminder to get stray dogs and cats off the streets and into loving homes.

Garbage piles are not the only things that litter Metro Manila. Look around: dogs, cats walk to and fro, endangering not only motorists, pedestrians, but also the lowly animal creatures themselves. ‘Tis high time, especially during the election period, that animal or pet welfare groups, local officials, barangay leaders band themselves to round up stray cats and dogs—cleaning up the environment. What’s more is to make sure pets are healthy, using anti-rabies shots.

Pet welfare groups, city or town pound teams should pounce on these hapless creatures. Officials and barangay leaders must answer the wake-up call to clean up their surroundings. After all, health is everybody’s concern. The environment’s cleanliness campaign beckons. Stray animals have no place in the streets. They have the right to live properly. We humans can do nothing less. But we can do more as caretakers of pets.

This Appeared in Animal Scene’s September 2015 issue.