Some things to think about before gifting someone with a pet.

Tis nearly Christmas (we are now in the months whose names end with “ber”), the season for giving and receiving.Amid the colorful gifts one has in mind are kind, tender, lovable pets—dogs, cats—stuffed toys or alive.With pets as memorable presents, veterinarians have cautioned givers, mostly suitors, against giving pets just like that.Hence, here are some precautionary measures, topped by considering the cost, life, value and danger to humans.As a rule, consult a reliable veterinarian or pet shop owner.

While pet shops, and pet-friendly restaurants and malls have increased across the metro, it is worthwhile to remember the following:1. Be sure the pet gift has the proper background, vaccines, and anti-rabies shots.2. Train the pet to follow simple orders just like to sit, eat or piss in the right place before giving the animal as a gift.3. Remember that a pet has also life and thus should be treated with so-called “pet rights”.

There are laws against animal cruelty and animal welfare groups are more than vigilant in going after cruel pet owners and other “pet crooks.”4. Bear in mind that recipients of pets this Christmas must have the proper disposition to give their “pet gifts” tender love and care, for humans are stewards of dogs, cats and other pets which have the right to live and give “unconditional love” to their masters just like one big family!

This appeared in Animal Scene’s October 2015 issue.