Fancy, Peculiar, Beautiful!


Demekin black


The Telescopic goldfish is a fancy variety which derives its name from its large and protruding eyes. It is known by several other names: Telescope Eye goldfish, Demekin, Moor, Globe Eye goldfish, and Dragon Eye goldfish.

They can grow in length to about eight to ten inches. Telescope Eye goldfish are easy to raise because of their calm and peaceful temperament. They are slower than other goldfish varieties when it comes to swimming.

Their eyes limit their eyesight, so they do not see very well. Faster fish, such as the Oranda, ryukin, and comet goldfish will compete with Telescopic goldfish for food. I recommended keeping slower goldfish with them, such as celestial and bubble eye goldfish. Also, avoid using sharp ornaments such as plastic plants, corals, and driftwood so as not to damage their eyes.

Eyes: There are three eye shapes considered attractive in Telescope Eye goldfish.

  • Dome-shaped eyes are wider at the base of the eye and become narrower at the top of the eye.
  • Round eyes can be found in many positions on the head of the fish. Some Telescopic goldfish have round eyes that look like they will detach from the fish at any time, while others have more than half of the eye firmly attached to the head.
  • Flat eyes are a little flattened at the top.

My telescopic goldfish, top view

Regardless of the shape of the eyes, they should be always equal in size and protrude outwards.

Body shape: A Telescope goldfish has a body shaped like an egg with a double caudal fin. The body depth of a Telescope goldfish should always be larger than two thirds of the body length to maintain its proportions. Short bodies are beginning to be popular nowadays. In my experience, Telescopic goldfish that have long body shapes cannot reach a round egg shape, even if fully fed.

Color: The Telescope Eye goldfish comes in many different colors, the most popular of which is black. Other colors are

  • Blue
  • Calico
  • Chocolate
  • Dark orange
  • Panda (black and white pattern)
  • Red
  • Red and white
  • Yellow or light orange

Tail: The butterfly telescope is easily recognized by its large, caudal fins that resemble the outstretched wings of a butterfly when viewed from above. Two types that are commonly available are the short- and long-tail varieties. Both are equally beautiful.

It is known that Demekin goldfish are a cross between the Ryukin and Telescope Eye goldfish. They have high arched backs with telescope eyes. Demekins can grow to be 5 inches long; this is considered “short body”. Demekins tend to live longer than other fancy varieties.

These fish are often mistaken for the Black Moor. The eyes of the Demekin do not telescope like a Moor’s, though. The eyes are actually globe- or almond-shaped.

Telescopic goldfish are beautiful whether seen from the top or side. Ranchu, ryukin, and oranda goldfish are the three most popular varieties of goldfish, but the Telescopic goldfish has its own place in terms of beauty and charm.


This appeared in Animal Scene’s November 2016 issue.