Do you long for the old-style wedding shoots of yesterday, when the “marrying season” was June instead of during the cold months of the year, there were sentimental posed shots everyone looked forward to seeing (and posing for!), and photo albums were thick affairs with parchment paper separating each page? Young photographer Che Vienes has recreated those charming moments in this doggie wedding, which captured hearts and went viral.

Che shares that each doggie outfit was specially chosen for the big day in collaboration with designer-friend Sanchia. The outfits for the “officiant,” “flower girl,” “ring bearer,” and other “guest” dogs were designed by Tasha Yuna Closet.


The best wedding photographers must capture fleeting moments of human emotion, entire stories in a single shot. But dogs have a different way of showing their emotions, so Che shares that this meant her challenge with the shoot involved considerations like preparing by getting to know the dogs involved much better and determining which of them were used to crowds–while wrestling with the usual challenges of lighting, setting, posing…and dealing with doggie urges!


This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s June 2017 issue.