Royal Duty Free’s merchandising manager Camille Tantoco’s family has always kept dogs. When their French bulldog of 13 years passed away, they decided that they needed to fill the bulldog-shaped hole he left behind.

“We were looking for French bulldogs to replace him,” Camille says. “But then we saw a picture of Queen Elizabeth with her corgis and we found them so adorable, so we decided to get a Corgi…”

But instead of just one, Camille ended up with two! “We originally wanted a boy Corgi but when we went to the seller, she only had girls available,” Camille says. “She told me she could find a boy corgi for me. I just had to wait a few more weeks to get one.”

They join a canine family of two. “We have a Jack Russell that we’ve had for seven years. I (also) have a Shih Tzu who we rescued around Muntinlupa. We’ve had her maybe around three years already,” Camille says.

The Corgis were named Nala and Simba, after the characters in the Disney movie The Lion King. “We love The Lion King, and (the Corgis) kinda look like lion cubs to us and they have the same kind of personality (as the cartoon characters) and they like to wrestle in the same way that (Simba and Nala) do. Their names were just inspired (by) that.”

The two Corgis have distinct personalities. “Simba’s younger and he’s sweeter, and his personality is kind of docile compared to Nala. Nala is a little bit strong and very active and she thinks she’s the queen of the house,” Camille says. “They like playing and running around in the garden. They’re outdoor dogs. They love other people and other dogs. They are very friendly. They just like to play and explore. They like new places.”

According to Camille, Corgis are relatively easy to care for, though they’re super active. “They are really sweet and affectionate. They will listen to you as long as you give them treats and food. But they are very hyper. They are the most hyper dog that I’ve ever had, besides (our) Jack Russell,” she says. “They are very sweet, and they listen to you. They know who their masters are, so they love them. They are too friendly with other people sometimes… (so) they are not the best guard (dogs).”

Being a dog owner brings Camille so much joy. They’re more than pets; they’re family. “I just love having someone to go home to and play with. They are like my extended family,” she says. “So when my brother and sister are out of the country, which is a lot, I can feel they are like my siblings.

Nala, Simba, and their canine siblings have also taught Camille a thing or two about life. “(They’ve taught me to be) patient and loving,” she says. “Sometimes they won’t always listen to you, (but) just love them anyway, even if they don’t want to do what you want them to do all the time.”

Camille and her family are so enamored of their Corgis they even made social media accounts for them. “I just wanted to make a page for my dogs to get them known and just give them exposure,” she says.

Her favorite thing about Nala and Simba? “I like their little corgi butts,” Camille says. “They have the cutest butts in the world, especially when they ‘twerk’ and shake their butts when they are happy to see you.”

Nala and Simba’s antics and be seen on Facebook at and on Instagram at @corgiliciousph. Unfortunately, due to Camille’s busy schedule, the posts have been few and far between. “I haven’t been posting enough photos of them to get known,” she says. But that’s okay because as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder!


This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s April 2018 issue.