Equilibrio, a super-premium brand of pet foods, launched its new line of cat and dog foods in the Philippines.

“Actually, this is not just a product launch, this is a celebration of wellness, life and love,” said Neovia Philippines marketing manager Johanna Emata. “We’re very excited to introduce the product here in the Philippines to make sure this is already available and accessible to all pet lovers.”

Neovia, a leading player in animal nutrition and health, produced this super premium pet foods that has been formulated with high-quality raw materials and selected ingredients to satisfy the needs of cats and dogs here in the Philippines.

Equilibrio’s products have been formulated based on high nutrient assimilation that helps in the reduction of stool volume. It is also manufactured with nutraceuticals, such as Yucca shidegera, which reduces stool odor and improve bowel transit time.

The Right Foods for Your Cats and Dogs

“Here in the Philippines, we consider our pets as members of our family. As such, we always want only the best for our cats and dogs, especially when it comes to the food that they eat,” said Emata.

Neovia Philippines marketing director Daniel Olivo explained that Neovia is committed to provide food that are on top of its nutritional value.

Super premium cat and dog foods’ formula has been designed with and by veterinarians from Illinois, which proves that the science in the products has been validated through their studies to reach its nutritional profiles.

“All in all, when I say product design formulation, quality, food safety, digestibility – all these together makes it why it is a super premium and why not all companies are able to design something like this,” added Olivo.

Equilibrio products are now available for Filipino customers in selected credible pet food stores.