Over the past years, the world has seen a decrease in various animal populations. With the alarming decline of both sea and land creatures that wander the earth, Animal Planet’s new series DODO Heroes features inspiring stories of animals in need from around the world, and the compassionate humans who go to unimaginable lengths to give them hope.

Among the personalities introduced in the series is Katherine Conner, who provides a safe haven for the largest land mammals that currently walk the earth.

Katherine and her five children run and live within a one-of-a-kind elephant sanctuary, Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary, which rescues and rehabilitates elephants from Thailand’s tourism and logging industries. Katherine’s latest project is to rescue the majestic Pang Fai, an elephant who has spent her lifetime logging and in chains. She desperately wants to retire Pang Fai and let the creature live out her life with other elephants and her family at the sanctuary, but her owner depends on Pang Fai for income and isn’t sure that he’s willing to give her up.

Animal Planet premiered its first-ever global series, DODO Heroes, on June 10. Each episode features inspiring and moving stories of people who go to any lengths to help animals. The series will explore the personalities and emotions of both humans and animals, while highlighting their unique connection.

Katherine’s heroic acts in helping Asian elephants get on the road to recovery aired on Animal Planet’s DODO Heroes.


This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s August 2018 issue.