A Wilmington, Delaware shelter found a skinny dog just outside their property with a heartbreaking note from its previous owner.

“Please take care of Sky. She is 6 years old and friendly,” the note said, which was posted last Thursday by the Delaware Humane Association (DHA).

(Photo grabbed from: Delaware Humane Association Facebook page)

“I couldn’t take care of her. I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She is not sick, just hungry. Very friendly. Please find her a home please,” continued the note.

In an email interview with Huffington Post, Greg Munson, Delaware Humane development and marketing director, said Sky was “super sweet, but quite shy sometimes.”

(Photo grabbed from: Delaware Humane Association Facebook page)

Even though Sky is underweight and has fleas, she is doing great at the moment, shared Kerry Flanagan, director of animal care, to Delaware Online.

Recently, DHA received a call from a man who said he was Sky’s owner.

(Photo grabbed from: Delaware Humane Association Facebook page)

“He stated that he and his wife recently lost their jobs, and were unable to feed Sky along with their large family,” posted DHA in their Facebook page. “They believed it was selfish to keep her, and felt his only option was to leave her in a place he knew she would be cared for.”

The post continued that the man would like to remain anonymous and that his only request is for the shelter to help Sky find a good home.

Sky is currently doing well with other dogs, she loves riding cars and accepts every snuggle she receive. Though, DHA mentioned she is not exactly fond of the presence of cats.

(Photo grabbed from: Delaware Humane Association Facebook page)

She is already a pound heavier from when she was first found outside the shelter, but Munson noted that she needs “to gain about 20 pounds” before she can be spayed and adopted.

Aside from Sky, DHA has reminded everyone that Sky’s case is not the only one. They have a lot of cats and dogs that are still up for adoption.

“It is our mission to help animals like Sky, it’s what we do!” said Patrick Carroll, DHA executive director.