Today, we celebrate the National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Founded in 2009 by Celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige, this day is commemorated to promote responsible pet ownership and support the pet fashion community.

(Photo from Pinterest)

Here are a few tips to remember when keeping your pets paw-shionable!

1. Dress up or Dress down?

First things first – does your pet like to play dress up or not? If not, do not force them to do so. Your animal companion’s comfortability is what’s important. It is natural that some animals love to wear outfits, while some do not.

(Photo from Pinterest)

If you force them to wear something they do not want to, it would only cause them stress and anxiety.

2. Avoid loose or dangling pieces of clothing.

Animal companions love chewing anything. So, make sure your pet’s costume is free of any choking hazards, like small buttons or accessories that can be easily swallowed.

3. Costume too tight? Too loose? No please.

Make sure the costume you chose to wear on your furry is of the right size. Otherwise, if the clothes are too small, it could limit their breathing and if it’s too loose, it could trip them over and might lead to serious injuries.

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4. Keep it light, alright.

Nothing’s better than a clothing that is breathable and paperweight. The lighter the piece of clothing is, the less stress animals could encounter.

5. Have fun!

Dressing up is better if you and your furry companions are having fun! Be comfortable, creative and carefree!

(Photo from Pinterest)