Wondering which animals to follow on social media? I looked for a few famous animal personalities and came up with this short list. Some of them might not have a big following but I believe they may be underrated! After all, they rose from the challenges of life and emerged happy and popular!

Buckley the Highland Cow

Five-week-old Buckley’s new owner didn’t want him because he was already castrated. They had planned to slaughter him for veal but someone — his current human companion — asked the owner if he could take him instead.

Buckley, whose mother was sent away to another state, was so depressed that he cried for days. Then he met baby goat Ralphy and they’ve been together ever since. Nowadays, he usually lies down under his favorite tree with Ralphy always close by.

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Penny the Silkie Chicken

She was rescued over 6 years ago and although her history is unknown, it is possible she may have been used for animal testing. Knowing that chickens were social creatures, her rescuer brought her to work at an animal hospital where she grew up, instead of leaving her at home. She enjoys hanging out with Roo, a two-legged Chihuahua, and spending time outside with her flock of bantam chickens. Despite having had major health issues (seizures, skull bone degradation, emergency abdominal surgery, egg binding, and severe calcium depletion), she overcame every hurdle and is now living a happy life.

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Adopted from the Milwaukee Humane Society at a young age, Kaedo is now a travelling dog. He especially enjoys playing American football. Kaedo is a perfect example of how people can help dogs by adopting those who need a home.

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Pidge is a rescued pigeon who stayed with her human even when she started having a family of her own. However, she had gone missing, which was unlikely for a pigeon who had unhatched eggs. There were signs of a possible attack and her human is still looking for her. Her Instagram account remains open, with her followers hoping for the best and supporting both the human and animal families who were left behind.

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Maru and Dany

A stray cat gave birth to Maru at someone’s house. The human who lived there fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. He was her only cat for three years until she realized he needed a companion while she was away at work.

Dany, a stray who lived in a condo car park, was supposed to be a trap-neuter-return cat, but Maru’s human found her to be such a darling that she adopted her. The two got along quickly and were deemed by their human as “non-cuddly” best friends. They often groomed each other but usually ended up in a wrestling match.

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This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s November 2018 issue.