When everyone celebrated the New Year’s Eve with their families and closest friends, and dogs and cats had the time of their lives munching on unlimited treats given by their owners, one dog was alone on a cold dark alley, searching for her family – all the while grasping the only thing familiar to her, a blanket.

She might have been a happy dog and played all the time, but no one would know now, because the dog – as she appears to be, was scared and could not trust anyone.

Her previous owners, who moved out of their Dallas home and left all trash and unwanted items on the curb – including their dog, was nowhere to be found, according to an Animal Channel report.

(Photo: Dallas DogRRR)

The dog was left with neither food nor water. It was just a blue tattered blanket that kept her company.

She never left her blanket according to reports by neighbors who saw her, even when it rained, the dog never left the blanket instead of looking for a shelter to stay.

Luckily, Marina Tarashevska, the co-founder of Dallas DogRRR, found the dog when she was out walking down the street.

(Photo: Dallas DogRRR)

“It was really cold and rainy, and the dog was lying on her blanket – and she wouldn’t leave it,” Dallas DogRRR executive director Patti Dawson told The Dodo. “I think she was still thinking her family would come back. She was in that stage of, ‘I’ll just wait here. This is familiar.’”

Tarashevska decided to take the dog with her, but it looked to be a challenge from the very beginning. She spent days before she was able to convince the dog to trust her – which involves using the dog’s blanket to lure her in Tarashevska’s backyard.

(Photo: Dallas DogRRR)

As soon as Tarashevska managed to put the dog in a kennel, she named her Camilla.

In an Animal Channel report, Tarashevska said they found fresh wounds around Camilla’s neck and ears.

“The vet said it was either an embedded collar, meaning she was probably kept outside,” Dawson added. “The only other thing we thought of was that a dog had gotten into a fight with her when she got outside. [There are] lots of stray animals out there, and so maybe they got into a scuffle over food.”

(Photo: Dallas DogRRR)

After having a surgery, Camilla slowly managed to trust those she met along the way as her body and well-being healed.

Camilla is currently staying with her foster family until she is healed completely and will then be put up for adoption.