In November, I gave a short list of animals to follow on social media. This New Year, here’s a few more furry and feathered personalities for you to stalk online! Not all of them have a lot of followers, but their following is not necessarily an indication of their clout. They all rose above difficulties in life, becoming an inspiration to many.

Ploopy and Shunukie

Several years ago, a kind individual bought young meerkats kept in terrible conditions to give them back their freedom in a farm. Others who had second thoughts about the meerkats they purchased ended up giving them to that person.

Eventually, the meerkats had offsprings. Ploopy, rejected at birth by her mom, was hand-raised by her human companions. Shunukie’s mom would leave the litter with their human companions while foraging so he became very sweet. They are free to do as they please in the farm and have never been caged. They even have their own burrows.

You can catch up on their adventures in South Africa by following @Ploopy_the_Meerkat on Instagram.


Igor was found wandering by the side of the road when he was about three months old. He has a rare condition called Short Spine Syndrome, but this has never stopped him from enjoying a life filled with love and happiness.

Igor lives and gets along happily with his cat friends. People from all parts of the globe continue to be touched by his story and, with this influence, he and his fur-mom are doing their best to help other animals find homes, too.

Follow Igor’s happy life on his Facebook page: @WackyIgor.


Wesley is a special cat with an adorable grin and one eye that matches his pirate look. He was dropped off at a shelter. His current companion fell in love with him at first sight but could not adopt him. A few months later, she came back and finally took him home. Now, he lives happily as a famous pirate cat.

Go on an adventure with our famous pirate by following @Wesley_the_Pirate_Cat online.

Maui Boy and Maki Boy

In October 2016, Maui Boy was rescued after just being born. His human said his small cry could be heard all the way from outside, and that finding him was destiny.

Maki Boy was found in a car engine compartment, thus his name, derived from makina (engine). He looked so sad and didn’t want to be touched. However, his human companion continued to shower him with affection until he came out of his shell.

Both are now traveling cats, showing how special puspins and aspins are, just like every other dog or cat out there.

To support these two special ambassadors, follow @MauiBoyTheTravelingCat on Facebook and @MauiBoy_MakiBoy on Instagram.


Adopted from PAWS Chicago in 2014, Sia wasn’t exactly the type of cat who wanted to snuggle. Her past remained unknown: She was found wandering the streets with her brother and didn’t like to be touched, despite allowing humans to kiss her. Over time, she became close to her human, now enjoying the company of her two brothers.

See how @Sia_Josephine goes on about life with her siblings on Instagram.

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s January 2019 issue.