A deadly disease dubbed as “zombie deer disease” continues to spread across North America, the Centers for Disease Control warns anew.

Formally known as chronic wasting disease, the infection rots the brain, spinal cord, and other tissues in deer, elk and moose, which causes them to “act lethargic and less afraid of humans before dying,” according to a report by Daily Mail Online.

The disease also affects the central nervous system, which causes animals to lose lots of weight, lack body coordination and can make them aggressive and less afraid of human presence, reported the Centers for Disease Control.

Researchers and scientists also believe the contagious disease could be passed onto other animals through bodily fluids, but there are no evidence yet if it could spread to humans.

CDC warns people not to handle the meat from deer and elk without wearing any gloves and to not eat them if they seem sick and has been found dead.

According to CDC, 24 states in the US and two Canadian provinces have reported the disease since last year.