Google Street View is a useful tool for people to explore the world without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

What people enjoy most are the bizarre and hilarious sights that Google Street View’s camera captures. Like a Peruvian man, who caught his wife cheating on him through Google Street View. He was looking for a way to get to a bridge when he noticed his wife with a man, sitting on a park bench.

Others also shared seeing their grandma, who was very far from them, was watering the plants outside her house.

But a new star has caught the netizens eyes. That star is a little dog.

Google Street View was capturing the streets in Kumage, Japan when a tiny pup saw the car and chased it down the street.

No one knew what happened after the car came to a dead end, and what would have happened if the dog did caught up with the crew.

Check out this hilarious chase!