A policeman found a little pup with an injured leg outside their police station in Siheung City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea after the New Year’s. The little white ball of fur’s eyes was filled with sorrow as described by the policeman, so instead of turning a blind eye, he picked up the puppy with him in the station.

The pup was fed and later on taken to a veterinarian. The officer let the dog stay with him for a while in the police station, because of fear that the little boy might get killed by the other dogs at the animal shelter.

He also hoped to find its original owner, or even someone who was willing to adopt him and provide a fur-ever home.

Days have turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months – no one was still dropping by the station to claim the dog or adopt him.

It’s not just the policeman who felt attached to the dog, rather his other colleagues at the station, too! This led them to decide that all the policemen at the station were willing to adopt the dog and let it stay at the station with them.

The puppy has grown into a “Great White Bear,” as so many people claimed it to be, because of its fluffy and huge body.

Policemen tried to train the dog as their station guard. But they claimed it was a real challenge compared to the usual working dogs, like the Belgian Malinois, and Labrador breeds.

“It might not look as ‘macho’ as the other fierce dog species, but the popularity of this white polar bear is outstanding. It has become the police station’s mascot,” reported The Good Times.

The pup has been assigned to protect the police station now, which is also his home.