Pet owners can now order a custom-made super realistic human head sized replicas of your pet’s face – which is both terrifying and cute.

Courtesy of workshop 91 in Japan and Shindo Rika, they have brought a special line called, “My Family,” which allows pet owners to order a detailed replica of their pets, which serves as a headgear. It was dubbed as “my family,” to capture the love of humans to their animal companions.

Anyone may fill up an order form on the Shindo website (where you must fill out the information and tick the box that says “My Family.”) You must also submit a photo of your pet so the craftsmen may create the head gear.

The mask is created with a hard material, while the back of it is a fabric

However, international shipping is not yet available. For the Japanese locals, they may purchase one at the price of 300,000 JPY or $2,600, plus the shipping fee.

The company does not just create cats and dogs pet masks. Buyers could ask for any animal they want, including a tiger, rhinoceros or an orangutan!