Paul and Leona Jones, a Central Florida couple, say they almost died if not for Bella, their cat.

Back in February 27, the couple got home from eating dinner and just wanted to get inside out of the rain, according to a report by CBS Local.

In their haste, they forgot to turn off their car, which sat in their garage all night emitting the poisonous carbon monoxide into their home.

The couple stated that Bella started to cry at 1:00 a.m. and woke them both up. Leona managed to call 9-1-1 despite her weakness after inhaling too much carbon monoxide.

Firefighters and an ambulance quickly came to the scene and gave the couple oxygen and were sent to the hospital along with their fur-mily, Bella.

“If she hadn’t cried and hadn’t woken him up, we would have never known and we would have slept through it, and never woken up,” said Leona.

Bella now receives extra treats for doing a job well done, while the couple is being extra careful and has since place signs of reminders in their garage to turn off the car.