LONDON – Bodies of dead rats stuffed with drugs, phones, and cash were found in a British prison, the government has announced on Monday.

Reuters reported that suspected organized criminals have been doing this and throw the dead rats over the walls of Guys Marsh prison in Dorset, southwest England, in order to deliver contraband to inmates.

Officials claimed that guards at the British prison grew suspicious after finding three dead rats, which had long stitches on their stomachs.

A disemboweled rat stuffed with a range of items that was found at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset, Britain. (Photo: Reuters)

The animals had been disemboweled and filled with five mobile phones and chargers, three SIM cards, cigarette papers and tons of drugs that included cannabis and tobacco.

“This find shows the extraordinary lengths to which criminals will go to smuggle drugs into prison, and underlines why our work to improve security is so important,” Rory Stewart, Britain’s prisons minister, told Reuters.

Items found inside deat rats at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset, Britain. (Photo: Reuters)

In the past, there were reports that criminals tried using tennis balls, pigeons, and drones to bring contraband into prisons.