Let’s take a look at some of the best adoption stories of dogs into their fur-ever families.

Fourth time’s the charm

Helaina Hovitz has always wanted a pup. She tried several adoptable pets in shelters, but no one really clicked. One day, Leah, who was president of Friends with Four Paws Rescue in Oklahoma, called her and told her they had a “return.” That was Wiley. Wiley is considered as their special dog, because he’s been rescued and returned to the shelter three times already. Leah sent Wiley’s picture to Hovitz, and just at the first look of the photo, she knew she wanted to keep Wiley.

(Photo by: Helaina Hovitz)

“I just had a feeling. I took it as a sign,” Hovitz told Reader’s Digest.

“I believe Wiley and I understand each other in a special way, because we both had it pretty rough during our early, formative years, and we are both very resilient,” she added. “We came together at a time when we both finally felt save in the world. He knows we’re a family and that I’m not going anywhere.”

Meant to meet in the park

Bonnie Derhay and nine-year old terrier mix, Pogo, met at a dog park. Pogo was with his hooman at that time, who was supposed to leave Pogo out there, because her husband did not like him. Derhay felt like she could not let that happen, so she adopted Pogo instead.

Derhay believed Pogo was abused by the husband of his previous owner, so she took care of him tenderly and gave him lots of love.

(Photo by: Danielle Maley/Caregiver Canines)

Derhay saw how friendly Pogo was and enrolled him to become a certified therapy dog. Now, Pogo is now a volunteer at Caregiver Canines of New Jersey and visits senior citizens in their homes weekly for a year.

Abandoned three-legged dog brings so much joy into his new hooman’s life

Outside a grocery store, a man was trying to sell his three-legged dog. When no one else wanted him, he left the dog there all alone. Luckily a kind woman took the dog and brought him to California Animal Rescue.

(Photo by: Karen Rogers)

From there, the dog was adopted by Karen Rogers, who quickly fell in love with him. He was later on named “T-Rex,” because he loves tearing his toys and chases other dogs around the house.

T-Rex was born with a hereditary condition that caused his deformity. Thanks to his new furmom Rogers, T-Rex underwent three surgeries and can now walk painlessly on his three legs.

Senior yellow Labrador finds new best friend

MidSouth Animal Rescue League president, Lina Money, rescued a senior Labrador and brought it to a vet clinic in Memphis. The dog’s owner passed away and his son took her, but did not really like her so she was not taken care of. She was left chained to a tree with a very small kennel, with no food nor water, so she could barely walk.

(Photo by: Samantha Parker)

The clinic’s veterinarian, Samantha Parker, fell in love with the dog and took her in and named her “Lady.” She is estimated to be 10 years old and is now best friends with Parker’s children.

“She acts like she has always been here and feels that way for us too,” Parker has told Reader’s Digest. “Lady has taught me that the love of a senior dog is like no other. She needed me, she needed TLC, she needed a lot of medication, and most of all, she needed a family and she has all of that now for however long she has left.”

Pup rescued after being left to die by a larger dog

Wonder Dog Rescue in San Francisco found this dog on the streets of Lodi, California. He had several wounds and injuries after being attacked by a larger dog.

He spent weeks in the shelter until Michelle and Jonathan Lo contacted the rescue center. They met Bear and decided to adopt him and give him a second chance at happiness and at life.

(Photo by: Michelle and Jonathan Lo)

“The first month home, Bear was fearful of strangers and nervous around the house,” Michelle said. “Now, thanks to some TLC and patience, Bear is flourishing almost four months after his adoption.”

Little dog meant to die, rescued just at the right time

Thomas, a terrier mix, was scheduled to be put down and was found in a box in Texas. It must have been all over for the little dog, until rescue came just at the right time.

Denise Mann was a lifelong miniature schnauzer lover and was contacted by Waggytail Rescue about Thomas. She arranged everything to rescue Thomas and scheduled a flight for Thomas to be flown to New York City and delivered to her apartment.

(Photo by: Denise Mann)

“He was unchipped, unneutered, and probably slightly drugged from the journey. I sent my husband to the pick-up spot, and he was handed Thomas in a blanket. He came home quickly and said, ‘This is our dog. I won’t abandon him twice,’” Mann said.

Now, Thomas is safe with the whole family as he plays with schnauzer Perri.