Several animal welfare and protection organizations celebrated after the Cardiff Administrative Court (CAC) bans the shooting of birds on public land in Wales, United Kingdom.

Despite legal challenges by shooting lobby groups, the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) decided they would no longer allow the shooting and killing of birds for sport among public lands in Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government on July 12 last year.

The campaign to ban the activity started in 2015 thanks to Animal Aid, which is an organization that aims to protect and rescue all kinds of animals around the world, and has been supported by the League Against Cruel Sports.

“This is a fantastic victory for the people of Wales and, most importantly, for all the birds who are purpose-bred to be used as feathered targets for shooters,” Fiona Pereira, campaign manager of Animal said in a statement.”

By March 12, the CAC finally approved the ban and NRW will now carry out a consultation into the shooting of the birds by private organizations and individuals on public land all around Wales.

Pro-shooting lobby groups like the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the Countryside Alliance, and the National Gamekeepers Organization tried to start a judicial review proceeding to counterattack the decision, but CAC refused their claims and said in a statement that “the claim was not brought promptly and, in any event, it was not arguable.”

“The Welsh courts must be congratulated for upholding Natural Resources Wales’ right to ban pheasant shooting on public land. This outcome reflects strong opposition to birds being shot for ‘sport’ from the Welsh Government and public, who have made it clear wildlife needs protecting from those who would otherwise destroy it for entertainment,” Bethan Collins, senior public affairs officer of Wales, told League Against Cruel Sports.

The lobby groups tried again, but the Court was firm on their decision.